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Committee Description

Crisis committees are special because they do not have a parallel in the real United Nations. Instead, the Joint Crisis Committee strives to teach diplomacy, cooperation and political debate through the simulation of an invented crises which is occurring in the very moment. These can be wars, threats of war and diplomatic conflicts between various states and non-state actors. The delegate’s role is to ensure the best outcome for their country/position and, if possible, to change the outcome of the crisis for the better.

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Crisis Director

Dear delegates, chairs and diplomats,
I would like to welcome you all to this year’s crisis. I promise to do my best to guarantee an exciting few days of meeting, backstabbing, lying and (within the strict framework of the rules) cheating. Now for a little about myself.
I’m Anthony, I’m 21 years old, born in the USA and studying International Relations here in Karlsruhe. I helped establish and run my university’s MUN club as vice-president for a year in 2015-2016. In the last two years, I’ve attended around four MUN conferences, three of which were JCCs. From the conferences I have attended there have always been rumors that I was the most shifty and untrustworthy delegate. I hope you’ll all get the chance to see why in this year’s crisis simulation. Why did I choose to become crisis director? Simple, I just love making peoples jobs harder. After falling in love with Crisis for the first time at KAMUN two years ago I learned to adapt to the fast paced and exciting environment of anything goes free-wheeling, however I noticed a trap that crises frequently fall into. To me it seemed that the previous crisis’ I’ve been in have always boiled down to a vacuum where parties always try to directly outgun each other as fast as possible. Therefore, I hope to make this year’s crisis unique as director by appreciating and encouraging more creative and alternative solutions than the simple realism based logic of everyone trying to have the bigger stick.
Therefore, I ask both delegates and chairs this year to come prepared for every curveball that my god-complex can throw at them, every idea that can help them achieve their goal, and every ounce of motivation to bounce back in the face of imminent defeat.

My team and I wish you all luck, you’re going to need it…

Anthony Amato

Crisis Director


Adam Breitenstein

Cabinet Leader

My name is Ádám Breitenstein but my friends call me Breiti. However, you should definitely call me Most Distinguished but at least Honourable Chair… Just kidding, I know that we’re gonna be good friends pretty soon. 😊 I’m a 23-year-old guy from Budapest, Hungary, struggling with his BA in the field of International Business, but currently I’m doing my internship in Germany at DHL. I have been attending and organising MUN conferences for five years now, first in high school and now as an ex-Presidential member of the International Diplomatic Student Association. I applied to chair JCC at this year’s KAMUN because I’m deeply in love with crisis simulations. Why? Well, discussing a topic that has already been dealt with by the UN is one thing, but reacting to a completely unknown and unexpected scenario, which could easily make our planet descend into chaos, now that requires some outstanding diplomatic and decision making skills. So yeah, good luck Delegates, I’m really looking forward to meeting you all!

P.s.: I don’t say that I can be bribed as a Chair, but I love beer and muffins. 😉

Kaya Detschlag

Cabinet Leader

Dear delegates,

welcome to this year’s joint cabinet crisis at KAMUN!
I am honored to serve as your chair in this simulation and I cannot wait to meet y’all.

To say that I am a mere MUN enthusiast would be an understatement of epic proportions – I am a regular MUN addict. Over the past 4 years, I have participated in over 20 conferences and I just can’t stop. From representing a P5 member as an ambassador, a foreign minister or a president, to chairing committees and serving as Secretary-General at MainMUN, I have really done it all.

Of course nothing beats a JCC, with its unique athmosphere, its special roles and rules and its ability to truly bring out the worst in people 😉
Whatever the crisis may bring, I’m sure we will defeat any and all obstacles and solve any problem the crisis staff will throw at us!
So apply for the JCC and let’s solve this crisis together!

P.S. I can be bribed with chocolate, just fyi 😉

Maria Krasnova

Cabinet Leader

Dear Delegates,
I am Maria Krasnova currently in my second year of psychology at the University of Konstanz and I am delighted to chair one of the cabinets in the JCC. Pursuing a dream and studying in Dublin the next semester, I am still looking forward to go back to Germany in November!
International relations catched my interest a couple years ago and I have been doing MUN since then. Seving as a board member in the United Nations Association Konstanz, I had my first try at chairing. I dipped the toes in the water, now I am taking the jump. Said that, KAMUN will be my first time chairing. I am excited to meet you there! Crisis are just more fun. They are intense and faster and we as a cabinet need to work together to master all barries we will face.
Get ready to use some psycholgocial based mind games and apply for the JCC!
P.S: As you might notice, besides MUN I like bad metaphors and music. So prepare some good comparisons and mix tapes and we might have a deal 😉