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Topic 1 Civil War in Yemen
Topic 2 Migration Crisis in Latin America

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As defined in Chapter V of the UN Charter, the Security Council (UNSC) is one of the UN’s key organs. Compared to other organs such as the General Assembly, the UNSC enjoys extended powers, as outlined in Chapter VII of the Charter. They include the imposition of sanctions on Member States and the deployment of peacekeeping forces. Composed of fifteen member states, its primary task is maintaining and establishing peace around the world. Ten of which are non-permanent members, which are granted membership for two years before a follow up will take their seat. Five members (the P5) however are permanently represented. They are the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, France, the Republic of China, the United States of America and the Russian Federation, as a P5 state they also reserve the right to veto any SC resolution. Member States and representatives of other UN bodies are often invited to the UNSC to answer to questions or give speeches.

Topic 1 | Civil War in Yemen

Since 2015, the poorest country in the Arab world – Yemen – is shaken by a devastating civil war. The humanitarian crisis caused by this conflict is one of the most severe with food shortages and an outbreak of Cholera effecting the population. The conflict involves key players like Saudi-Arabia and Iran fighting for influence over the country making it a proxy war for the ongoing conflict between the two major powers in the region.
The United Nations Security Council issued a resolution in 2015 calling for an end of violence and in July 2017 the Council discussed the topic with the special envoy for Yemen Ismail Ould Cheikh Ahmed. So based on this discussion and the resolution of 2015 we want to find a new resolution addressing the new developments in the conflict and hopefully find first steps for a solution.

Topic 2 | Migration Crisis in Latin America

The migration crisis in Europe has been in the focus of international disputes for many years, meanwhile Latin America is experiencing hardships managing the growing tendency of migration. Certain countries such as Venezuela, Colombia, Mexico and the Central American countries got involved in the scope of a complex problem, rooting in economic and political instabilities. By the end of the committee sessions, delegates are expected to distinguish the concept of migration crisis and crisis migration, and create an exemplary resolution on crisis management – broader than borders.

Country Matrix

Bolivia, Plurinational State of Bolivia Egypt Egypt Ethiopia Ethiopia Italy Italy Japan Japan Kazakhstan Kazakhstan
Senegal Senegal Sweden Sweden Ukraine Ukraine Uruguay Uruguay China China France France
Russian Federation Russian Federation United Kingdom United Kingdom United States USA Venezuela, Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela (Observer) Iran, Islamic Republic of Iran (Observer) Yemen Yemen (Observer)


Florian Böhm


My name is Florian Böhm and I will be your chair for the Security Council at this year edition of KaMUN. I participate at MUN conferences since I began studying Political Science at the University of Mannheim two years ago. I visited eleven conferences as delegate so this will be my first chairing experience. I decided to apply for the Security Council since it is the most influential committee and with its unique structure it provides the best environment for interesting and heated debate. I’m excited to share this amazing opportunity with you as delegates and I’m looking forward meeting you all at the conference.

Kamilla Béres


My name is Kamilla Béres, and I’m glad to be your chair of the Security Council of KAMUN 2017! I’m currently a MSc student of Public Policy and Management of the Corvinus University of Budapest, but I graduated my BA as an International Relations expert. However, it was mostly due to the MUN culture, that I’ve got involved in the foreign affairs the most! It was four years ago, that I joined the International Diplomatic Student Association, where I experienced the atmosphere of the MUN world, and since then, I took part in several conferences in different roles. The Security Council has always been the most exciting and interesting committee to me, and I hope that you will find the SC of KaMUN not only intriguing but challenging as well. See you all at the conference!