Commission on Science and Technology for Development


Topic Challenges and Choices of CRISPR/CAS9

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The Commission on Science and Technology for Development (CSTD) was founded in 1992 to herald a new age in the United Nations. It is a reflection of the UN’s increasing goal of employing science and technology to further its goals. The Commission has a serious responsibility to foresee the manifold implications that technology will have over the next decades.

Topic | Challenges and Choices of CRISPR/CAS9 

CRISPR/ CAS 9 is a gene editing method that makes it possible to rewrite DNA. With gene editing, researchers can disable target genes, correct harmful mutations, and change the activity of specific genes in plants and animals, including humans.

The potential and the choices coming along with this method are vast. But as promising its use in argiculture and medicine is, as dangerous it could be. It challenges the international community as it is crucial to avoid harmful mistakes and side effects.

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Feline Waschneck


Distinguished delegates!

It is my utmost pleasure to welcome you in the Commission on Science and Technology for Development at KAMUN 2018!
My name is Feline and I’m delighted to chair at this year’s KAMUN conference! Currently, I am an undergraduate student in International Relations at the Technische Universität Dresden.

My first experience of a MUN conference was at a conference during high school and I have since participated in different MUN simulations throughout Europe. Not only did I enjoy the new learning experiences every MUN conference offers and all the new and interesting stories of the people one meets, but the conferences have also led me to choose the course I am studying right now.

As a delegate, your interest and passion to get involved is already very admirable and will spark enthusiastic discussions! It is something that makes chairing even more exciting for us.
I’m looking forward to welcoming and meeting you in Karlsruhe. Let’s make the best out of the sessions we have and let’s have a unique, fun, and memorable MUN experience!

Bruno Striebel


Hi! My Name is Bruno and I am going to be your Chair in the CSTD committee at KaMUN 2018. I am a third year law student originally from germany currently studying in Lisbon for one year. I started my MUN career in the United Nations Association Konstanz e.V. two years ago. Since then I have been to many conferences including Harvard WorldMUN 2017 in Montreal and 2018 in Panama.

KaMUN 2018 is about a very important and current topic. With every technological invention, every state but also the United Nations face new legal ethical and political problems that have to be addressed by the international community. In the CSTD committee you will be dealing with those questions representing your country!

I hope to get to know you in Karlsruhe in November! Greetings from Lisboa.