We, at the Model United Nations Initiative in Karlsruhe believe that awards should comprise an insignificant part of a conference. We sincerely believe that the true goal of the conference is to discover the virtues of diplomacy, discussion and knowledge in the background of cross cultural collaboration. While awards are meant to encourage hard working delegates, they should never be allowed to overshadow these goals. Keep in mind that awards will not be solely decided by the number of times or how long you spoke in the committee. It will also be decided according to your willingness to work together and incorporate all view points in the committee while maintaining the political integrity of the country assigned to you. You may not divert from country’s foreign policy and instead impose your personal views. The quality of your position paper will also play a part in our decision. The Committee Chairs will exercise the prerogative of selecting the awardees after a short consultation with the Secretary General. The decision of the awards will be final and binding.

The following awards will be offered in all committees at KAMUN 2019