Corona-FAQ – KaMUN X
KAMUN X | 12-14 November 2021 | Karlsruhe, Germany


Honorable Delegates,

KAMUN X – The Black Forest Summit 2020 is one of the first MUN conferences taking place in person once again. This is possible due to the positive development in Coronavirus cases within Germany and the resulting easing of Coronavirus restrictions that has taken place.

Obviously there will still be restrictions and we are going to be taking a set of precautions in order to make sure that you are safe.

In line with that, all participants will have to provide contact information and agree to the conference’s data protection policy.

We strongly suggest that you install the “Corona-Warn-App” on the mobile device of your choice. It has proven to be a great tool for tracing contact chains and the developers did a great job at minimizing data collection. 

How are we making sure that you are safe?

There will be a number of specific measures in place to make sure you are safe. 

First up: reduced committee sizes. The size of this year’s committees has been reduced to maintain the required safe distance between delegates at all times. Of course, each delegate will have a fixed place in his or her committee.

During unmoderated sessions, as delegates get inevitably closer to each other, the wearing of masks will be mandatory

We have chosen this year’s venues carefully – you will find more than enough bathrooms to be constantly washing your hands and humming happy birthday to you and your fellow delegates. 

We will also be providing disinfectants at key locations. 

What if I’m not coming from an EU country?

As of now, the European Union has imposed a travel ban on third party countries. While we highly wish so, we can not guarantee for this to change until the conference. Thus, we are very sorry to advise you to restrain from buying a ticket for this year’s KAMUN.

Please note that visa issues are within your personal responsibility and therefore not covered by our refund policy.

What will the breaks be like?

As usual for KAMUN there will be plenty of coffee (and this time also Red Bull) for delegates to enjoy during breaks. To ensure that those run safely as well, committees will coordinate breaks timewise to make sure that people can spread out as wide as they desire down in the main hall of the building.

In terms of our logistics we will provide all food and drinks from several, decentralized points to make sure people don’t get bunched up around the distribution points.

What will our socials be like?

Obviously we won’t be able to go clubbing (No clubs are open in Germany and in our state “Dance-Parties” are not allowed in general). 

Yet, we’re planning two Corona-conform dinners, and social events which provide exciting experiences whilst still ensuring all the delegate’s safety. Primarily, we will achieve this by spreading delegates across several rooms in smaller groups where individual entertainment options are provided. Stay tuned for further updates regarding the socials!

What happens if we have to cancel the conference?

In the unfortunate event of us having to cancel the conference due to a tightening in local coronavirus restrictions delegates will of course receive a full refund of the conference fee. We are monitoring the situation constantly and are aiming to provide a final go or no-go two weeks before the event.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us anytime at