JCC – Joint Cabinet Crisis – KAMUN 2022

KAMUN I 18-20 November 2022 I Karlsruhe, Germany

JCC – Joint Cabinet Crisis

What is a Joint Cabinet Crisis?

The JCC will be a vastly different type of conference experience compared to the “traditional” United Nations committees. Instead of committees, the crisis will simulate the cabinets of countries involved in a pressing issue. Furthermore, rather than working with a set status quo, the simulated cabinets will be faced with a dynamically evolving situation in an alternate reality.

This setting requires cabinets to also work fundamentally different than committees. Instead of passing one resolution, the cabinet can submit directives to the crisis organizers continuously to shape the development and their fortune with the press of a button.

Overall, this means that the skills required to succeed in a JCC are more centered around fast-paced decision making, strategic thinking and efficient work processes.

What will the crisis at KAMUN X be about?

At this year’s conference, the crisis will – on a general level – be facing the challenges of artificial intelligence (AI) and gene manipulation. It will do so in a setting well into the future where both technologies will have developed well beyond what they are capable of today with all their consequences starting to show.

The geographic focus for this will be the Asian continent whilst still maintaining a global perspective through the involvement of the heads of state of the European Union. China’s rise as a technological powerhouse will only continue throughout the next decades and the socioeconomic, and cultural dynamics in Asia and globally will experience a drastic shift. It will be the delegates’ task to ensure their place in this new world order.

The topics of this crisis were selected carefully to deal with a current issue, to provide participants insight into what the future might hold and because they can provide a tantalizing new crisis experience with tangible consequences that anyone can grasp – even without a degree in computer science or biology.


The dominance of China cannot be overlooked. Not in today’s world order, even less in tomorrow’s. Cabinet members will learn that with great power comes great responsibility. They will face the challenges that come with a global technological and economic role whilst facing scrutiny over all their actions by their neighbors and the global community alike.


An alliance which will provide participants with exciting new opportunities due to a reformed and transformed union facing a dominant neighbour but through unity being a dominant player in its own right. ASEAN will be in a position to smartly exploit all paths of action to ensure their citizen’s wealth and well-being.

Council of the European Union

The European Union will be challenged once again to provide global leadership in a new age which will require all the countries’ full focus to ensure a sustainable and ethical world order whilst jockeying its own interests at home and beyond. Its unique experience and capabilities will put the EU in a position where it will be challenged to its core.