Within Germany Karlsruhe is well known for the fact that the two highest courts of the country have their seat here. If you are interested in law the Federal Court of Justice offers visitor groups the opportunity of a guided tour. However you must apply for this in advance.

A good summary of the attractions in Karlsruhe can be found here:

Visiting the Federal Court of Justice (only available in German):


For all of you fascinated with German cars the city of Stuttgart will be of considerable interest. There you will find the official museums of both Mercedes-Benz as well as Porsche. From Karlsruhe it will take you 60 – 90 minutes to arrive in Stuttgart, depending on which type of train you take.

Visiting the Porsche museum:

Visiting the Mercedes-Benz museum:


Home to the oldest university in Germany Heidelberg has an extremely well preserved old town. Take a stroll through the city and you will find such attractions as the old student prison which was in use until 1914. Naturally Heidelberg also offers a wide range of museums. From Karlsruhe it will take you 45 minutes by regional train.


Baden-Baden is a spa town already known for its springs in the Roman Empire. Consequently you will find both the ruins of the old Roman baths as well as fully functional spas. Given its history Baden-Baden boasts a beautiful old town with various sights and parks. By train it will take you 20 minutes to get there from Karlsruhe.