Dear readers,

“The young generation is our future”, it says in the KIT Guidelines. Let me add to this: The young generation not only is our future, it also shapes it. A good example for this is the model united nations initiative Karlsruhe, MUNIKA. These six letters represent a group of dedicated students at KIT that are engaging in the work of the United Nations- not only in theory but especially through “learning by doing”.For example, the Karlsruhe “junior diplomats” participated at WorldMUN Conference in Brussels in March. Together with more than 2000 students from 65 countries they engaged in debates, represented countries’ interests and positions and approved resolutions. This November, Karlsruhe becomes the host: For three days, students from all over the world come together in Karlsruhe to participate in Karlsruhe Model United Nations Conference (KAMUN). On it’s fifth aniversary, KAMUN is expecting more participants than ever before.

For the patrons of MUNIKA this also means: Their support is also needed more than ever! The support is sure to pay off: At KAMUN, students not only gain valuable experience in elocution and negotiations, they also develop intercultural understanding and improve their foreign language skills. Nowadays, these skills are not merely additional knowledge, they are considered as absolute core competencies.

Especially as a host, the MUNIKA is striving to appear at it’s best. Therefore the students are looking forward to your support so that the slogan for this year’s KAMUN can be following the soccer world cup’s from 2006 in Germany: “Time to make friends in Karlsruhe!” In this spirit: Enjoy reading – and a successful conference for the students and their guests!