Make KAMUN 2018 special!
Chairing Applications for KAMUN 2019 are closed.

Your Privileges:
  • Chairing: Be a chair at a professional MUN Conference with the ability to choose from a broad selection of committees!
  • No Fee: The Chairs will be entitled to free entry to all our social events and will not be required to pay for anything included in the conference fee.
  • Accomodation: We would like to proudly offer you a place to stay within the KAMUN-Secretariat for the weekend, so accomodation will be free, too!
  • Awards: The Chair will exercise the privilege of giving out the two awards in the committee.

Your Responsibilities:
  • Study Guide: Prepare a comprehensive study guide roughly within the structure recommended by the Secretariat.
  • Position Papers: Correct all position papers for plagiarism and other necessary parameters. The position papers will be available to you on the MyMUN platform.
  • Rules of Procedure: Read up the Rules of Procedure
  • Delegates: Help and motivate the delegates for the conference with possible feedback on the position paper and knowledge about the topic in general.
  • Committee: Conduct the committee in a fair and professional manner and in adherence to the rules as far as possible. The Secretary General and the Deputy Secretary General will remain in constant contact and assist you when the need arises.

What you need to know:
  • Two chairs each will chair every committee.
  • Once the committees have been assigned, each chair is obligated to work out one topic for discussion. The Secretariat will then choose one topic for discussion. Once the topic has been selected, both chairs will bear the responsibility of writing the study guide.
  • Since chairing also requires an accurate and thorough understanding of the rules of procedure, we request only experienced delegates to apply for this position.

If you have any further questions, do not hesitate to write a mail to or just send us a message on Facebook. We look forward to your application and possibly meeting you personally in November!