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Prague Model United Nations is an annual MUN conference in Prague. Established in 2012 PragueMUN is a mid-sized conference suitable for MUN rookies as well as experienced delegates.

We as Model United Nations Initiative Karlsruhe work close together with the team from Prague. And are happy to be partners.

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Bonn International Model United Nations is hosted by BIMUN/SINUB e.V. a campus club of the University of Bonn. A dedicated team of students works independently and professionally throughout the whole year to make the 2015 BIMUN/SINUB Conference a unique experience for everybody involved.

This year’s conference will be from November 30th to the 4th of December 2016 with the topic “Transformation in the Midst of Crisis – New Approaches in a Changing International System”.

Delegate Applications for BIMUN are now open!

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General Information

Dates: August 2nd-6th, 2015
Open to: All participants over 18.
Venue: Tel Aviv University, Tel Aviv, Israel

The Tel Aviv University Model UN (TAUMUN) , along with the Israeli MUN Association (IMUNA) believes that there is much room for students around the world to use in order to promote and establish dialogue and diplomacy as tools to resolve future global problems. It is a personal goals of TAUMUN and IMUNA to try and bridge over difficult cultural gaps, gather international students together and simulate possible future events. We aim at understanding how “the other” thinks, and therefore, we simulate ambassadors, country leaders, ministers and more which we would rarely be able to have the option of being put in their shoes. The Tel Aviv University Model UN Joint Cabinet Crisis (TAUMUNJCC) aims to do exactly that. So far we have had students from over 17 countries, register for the conference and even applying to staff positions. The conference will simulate the communication between ten different cabinets, one of which is a private military contractor during a plausible evolving global crisis.

hammun - Partner Conference of KAMUN

Hamburg Model United Nations is hosted by the Hanseatic Model United Nations e.V. a campus club of the University of Hamburg. Since 1998, students from Germany, Europe and all around the world come to Hamburg to participate in a unique MUN conference. In the past 10 years, the HamMUN became the biggest conference of its kind in Germany, attracting both MUN newbies and veterans.

Our Delegation from Karlsruhe is firmly established in HamMUN as we send our delegates for years to Hamburg in order to be part of this great event. In future we aspire to a closer cooperation of our MUN clubs.

Chair Applications for HamMUN are now open!

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Mannheim Model United Nations is an annual MUN conference, hosted by MUN Mannheim e.V. Since 2010, the conference takes place every April with a constantly growing number of participants, both from national and international backgrounds.

We as Model United Nations Initiative Karlsruhe work close together with the team from Mannheim. Particularly, our two teams have committee sessions, workshops and organizational meetings together. Thereby exchange of knowledge and experience plays an important role.

Every year, we send our delegates to MaMUN as we annually welcome a great number of delegates from Mannheim at our conference.

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