What is MUN? – KAMUN 2023

KAMUN I 17-19 November 2023 I Karlsruhe, Germany

What is MUN?

The idea of Model United Nations (MUN) is to simulate the institutions and committees of the United Nations. University Students research and formulate the Delegates’ position based on the actual countries. In the past, traditionally the six committees of the General Assembly have been included. However, recently it has become a part of MUN to reinvent the ways of simulating. Besides introducing Specialized Agencies, Press Teams, ECOSOC, and crisis simulations, nowadays the simulation of EU bodies, Asian institutions and the Arab League are part of the Model United Nation experience.The goal of this initiative is to introduce students to the structure and processes of the United Nations and their subsidiary bodies. Featuring delegates of the UN members, the participants of MUN conferences negotiate actual issues in the world and work out resolutions. It is crucial that they understand the stance of other countries and to get to know their cultures. Being involved in multilateral decision-making processes boosts the understanding of international relations and diplomatic challenges.

What makes such a Model United Nations Conference special? There is another ingredient that makes a conference a success: the Model United Nations-spirit. The team spirit that comes up when delegates together fight for one common purpose. This feeling to have made international friendships also remains in every single delegate after having left the conference rooms. It is also a feeling to be part of a global network and that this network will be responsible for a better future.