KaMUN X – The Black Forest Summit

Refund Policy

A pandemic being around does make any predictions more difficult, especially those regarding the future….

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Cancelled due to Covid-19

Dear Delegates,

Today, we had to make a decision which did not come lightly to us: the cancellation of this year‘s KAMUN conference.

While we thought long and hard if we were missing out on other options, we could not find any. 

Looking at the current situation, there is no denying that we are back at exponential growth rates – thus we consider it our responsibility to act accordingly. Sadly, this led to the cancellation of this year’s KAMUN. 

Even though we might not be legally liable, we deem ourselves personally responsible for whatever would be happening at this conference.

We can not put into words how much of a bitter taste this leaves in our mouths. You’ve been looking forward to this event for months now, making plans, investing time and effort into the preparation, and we’re devastated it won’t actually take place. 

Answering the obvious question: your bookings will of course be refunded fully. Please hold on to questions about your refund’s status for now, as we are working on them, and are needing some time for that.

We would have loved to meet you in Karlsruhe – but until now, it looks like we will have to wait another year.

As always, take care. 

Anna, Julian and Max 

The KAMUN X Secretariat