KAMUN I 17-19 November 2023 I Karlsruhe, Germany



North Atlantic Treaty Organization


Regulating Private Military and Security Companies

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Committee Description

Regulating Private Military and Security Companies (PMSCs) poses a complex challenge in today’s global landscape, and it will serve as a thought-provoking topic for the upcoming KAMUN 2023. PMSCs operate in various regions, often without clear guidelines or accountability measures, leading to concerns such as human rights abuses and lack of transparency. The North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) committee will delve into this crucial issue, aiming to develop effective frameworks that strike a balance between the legitimate use of PMSCs and safeguarding the interests of affected populations. Delegates in this committee will tackle multifaceted aspects such as oversight, accountability, and transparency in the operations of PMSCs.


Your chairs will be Alp & Damian!

Hello there! My name is Alp, originally from Türkiye but born in The Netherlands, and together with my Co-Chair Damian, I will be chairing NATO at KAMUN 2023!! I’m looking forward to an MUN of not only rigorous and intense debate, but copious amount of fun at the socials as well 😁. An interesting item in my bucket list is that I have always wanted to Circumnavigate the Earth, starting from Western Europe, on to the Baltics, Eursia, Japan then Coast to coast roadtrip through the US! Then back home of course. Unfortunately, the farthest I have gotten so far is Germany…. But I loved it so much that I’m coming back to Karlsruhe! Looking forward to meeting you all!! 😎

MUNers are adventurers and so am I! My name is Damian Vassilev and I am very excited to chair the KAMUN 2023 NATO committee with my co-Chair Alp and discuss private security and military companies with you (it cannot be more interesting)! I study political science in my third semester at the University of Mannheim and I am the president of the MUN society in Mannheim as well.
And on my bucket list is to climb to the top of Kilimanjaro, peak Uhuru, after failing the first time😅 (I hope that’s interesting for most, I told you I am an adventurer😉).