United Nations Development Organisation – UNIDO – KAMUN 2023

KAMUN I 17-19 November 2023 I Karlsruhe, Germany

United Nations Development Organisation – UNIDO


United Nations Industrial Development Organisation


Green Hydrogen

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Committee Description

Join us for a dynamic discussion on the urgent need to implement green hydrogen as a powerful tool to mitigate the effects of climate change. This timely topic aims to gather delegates from diverse educational backgrounds to explore innovative strategies for adopting and scaling up green hydrogen technologies. By embracing an interdisciplinary perspective, we shall explore the immense potential of green hydrogen in decarbonizing critical sectors such as transportation, industry, and energy production. Together, we will engage in profound deliberations, exchanging best practices, policy frameworks, and investment prospects, all aimed at expediting the transition towards an ecologically sustainable and carbon-neutral future.


Your chairs are Daniel & Kesav!

Hi, I’m Daniel, a German American Mathematics student at the Technical University Munich. I discovered my love for MUN all the way back in 2017 and I have been going to conferences ever since, using this opportunity to travel to fascinating places along the way! One interesting activity on my bucket list is my plan to visit the biggest and most famous football stadiums in Europe, for example the Santiago Bernabéu (which I got to visit in Madrid this summer). I’m looking forward to chairing this year’s UNIDO at KAMUN and excited to debate the prospects of green hydrogen together with you in Karlsruhe!

Hello everyone, my name is Kesav Menon,and I am currently studying Mechanical Engineering at the Technical University of Munich. I have been taking active part in MUNs for the last 7 years and I have been to numerous MUNs as both a delegate as well as a chair. It gives me immense pleasure to be chairing the United Nations Industrial Development Organization committee at KAMUN 2023.

To answer the question given to me as to what one interesting activity on my bucket list is, it would most certainly be to drive an F1 car around the Nürburgring circuit for couple laps.