Secretariat – KAMUN 2023

KAMUN I 17-19 November 2023 I Karlsruhe, Germany


Julian Hurtubia Neitzel

Anna Bartholomäi

Aurel Steinert

Dear delegates,

My name is Julian and I study mechanical engineering at the KIT here in Karlsruhe. I am a big fan of reading, cinema and (of course) Model United Nations, with the latter leading me to join the MUNIKA around a year ago.
In 2019 I was in the same position as you, participating in that years KAMUN as a Delegate, and I experienced the KAMUN to be a great conference with a friendly atmosphere which has a lot to offer to both advanced and novice delegates.
This year I will be joining the KAMUN as a member of the Secretariat, a team replacing the role of the secretary general. More specifically I will be in charge of the Logistics of the conference, ranging from correct scheduling to equipment and food for the socials. I hope that together, we can make the KAMUN X a great experience for all of you.
I look forward to seeing everyone on November 12th,
Best Regards,


Fellow delegates,

my name is Anna and Max, Julian and me build the Secretariat at this years KAMUN.
I study International Relations at the Karlshochschule and in my freetime I love to be creative, paint, sew or repair things.
I am part of the MUNIKA e.V. since 1 year but I am doing MUN for over 7 years now, as delegate, chair and part of the secretariat. What I appreciate most about the KAMUN is that it is a very beginner friendly conference offering committees for first timers as well as advanced MUNers.
At this years conference I will care about the content, including the debate, rules if procedure and the chairs, the promotion of the conference as well as the delegate communication.

I am looking forward to seeing all of you in November!
Take care,


Dear Delegates,

My name is Aurel. I have the huge pleasure to be part of this year’s secretariat of KAMUN. Together with Anna and Julian, we will do our best to give you an amazing experience in the beautiful city of Karlsruhe.

I am a third-semester industrial engineer at KIT and been part of MUNIKA e.V. since the beginning of my studies. I love doing any kind of sport or activity, as long as I am doing something. Of course, I am very passionate about every kind of debating, especially when we are talking about major conflicts and problems throughout the world. That’s why I have participated in MUN conferences still being in school and I see no point in changing that in the future. At this year KAMUN I am responsible that you are having a roof over your head while debating, so please give me notice if it is not the case. We will make it work!  

I could not be more eager to spend an amazing MUN weekend with all of you!

Take care,